Jupiduu rutsjebane brugt

Ved køb fjernes logoet fra billedet. An erect deciduous shrub with purple-red leaves. Pretty bowl- shaped white flowers in late spring, sometimes followed by dark purple fruit. Evergreen- Deciduous: Deciduous. Overall Mature Size: Large.

Upright oval shaped form. Colourful purplish foliage from spring until fall. Whitish pink fragrant blooms in early spring as the foliage begins to appear. Water: Average Soil: Well Drained . Prunus Cistena – Blodblomme busk. I maj mange svagt rosa-hvide.

Mørke dybrøde blade, svag rosa hvide blomster. Lille prydtræ med let krone. Zwerg Blutpflaume – anspruchsloser und robuster Zierstrauch, dunkelrote Laubblätter, essbare Früchte.

Fragrant flowers in early spring coincident with dark purple foliage. Zone: 4-What is my zone? Deciduous shrub bearing intense purple-red leaves that are retained . PRUNUS cistena , Prunier pourpre des sables.

Arbuste de taille moyenne, ou arbre de petite taille. Le port est érigé et dense. La floraison est de couleur rose . Purple Flowering Sandcherry, prunus cistena , is an extremely popular flowering shrub. Covered with tiny pinkish white blooms in the spring . Purple red foliage, becoming darker in the season.

In May-June, the shrub bears small, . Hij heeft een bossige, dicht vertakte, brede . Anvendes fra: Højde: Vækst: busket, Frugt: Sundhed: let at dyrke, Farve løv: rødt. Bestøvning: Grundstamme: Zon: Værd at vide: Mellemstor busk med . A beautiful ornamental plum tree with deep purple leaves. Flowers appear in May , after the leaves have started to wrap out, and they are pale, nearly white with . An upright shrub that is grown mainly for the beautiful colour of its . Leaves reddish purple, color maintained through the summer, . The color holds well all summer.

The early spring flowers are fragrant, single, and light pink. It does not grow and keeps losing .